The Abbey Boarding House

‘My wife and I look after the boarders in the main Abbey building. We have enjoyed doing this job for 9 years, and the time has flown by. This is the oldest, and most beautiful part of the boarding facilities. It is also the most centrally located boarding house. Boarders here have the benefit of being able to find quiet places to study in the 6th form computer room, and the library. They also only have to come down stairs to have their meals in the dining room. This is where all boarders from the other houses also have their meals. In their leisure time boarders can play one of the three pianos in the Abbey, or play on the astro. Walking around the ruins is a popular past time in the summer months. There is a strong family ethos in the Abbey boarding house, as we have the greatest range of students. We have both boys and girls ranging from Year 7 to Year 12. A matron is on duty each evening so that there is someone in the girls’ end of the building to turn to at night. My wife and I live at the other end of the building for the same purpose for the boys. Living in the Abbey is a magical experience which stays with people for the rest of their lives. If your son/daughter is placed in the Abbey boarding house we are sure they will thoroughly enjoy the experience’.
Best wishes David