Abbot’s Hall

The Abbot’s Hall is the heart of the building that was formerly the Abbot’s House and the primary reception room for the school, located behind large doors from the front car park. Much of it is 11th Century in design. This large, high ceilinged, yet welcoming space, features a functioning open fire, working piano, and pull-out stage area. It can also be fitted with a fully stocked bar if required. The room is wired sufficiently to support a full live band or DJ, with a variety of lighting styles available, and contactless payment options.

The space has been used for events as diverse as medieval banquets, lectures, motivational speaking, debating, live bands, piano recitals, DJs, string quartets and more. It is also often used as a reception room for adjacent dinners in the Library.

The large stained-glass windows facing South and West light the room in the spring and summer months, but the room is also very popular in the winter months with the under-floor heating, open fire and stonework really making the space feel both intimate, as well as grand and historic.

Please get in touch with Debbie to discuss your plans on or 01424 772385.


Pricing: Abbot’s Hall
Daily Hire Fee (9am – 5pm) (one hour free) £315
Hourly Rate £45
9am – Midday Hire Fee £135
1pm – 5pm Hire Fee £180