Prep Facilities

Situated in Bexhill, in bright airy classrooms, the National Curriculum is followed and supplemented by specialist teachers who enjoy dedicated rooms for many subjects.

A gymnasium, ample playing fields, a large astro turf pitch and a 25 metre, six lane, heated swimming pool allow for a full and varied range of physical activities.

Our impressive facilities enable us to introduce every child to a range of activities so that they can identify those which they most enjoy, and at which they most excel.

STEAM Room Development Spring/Summer 2021

You may be familiar with the term STEM subjects, which is now developing to STEAM, to include the important element of Art in this curriculum, – so Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. We were granted planning permission, before the pandemic, to build over our current dining hall, to create a fantastic purpose built facility. Mr Barraclough is leading the development of this new, dynamic curriculum and facility.

We are very excited to announce that the building for our new STEAM facility will be starting on March 31st 2021, due for completion in August. This new space will be used for both Science and Art lessons along with the exciting new curriculum lesson – STEAM. This will be taught as a project based learning experience, drawing together the multiple disciplines to excite and inspire. STEAM lessons aim to improve pupil problem solving skills, to be creative in their thinking and work cohesively together in project teams. We want to encourage the children to apply their scientific, mathematical, computing, and design skills to solve a variety of practical problems. They will be introduced to the 5-stage engineering process – ask, imagine, plan, create and improve – which encourages a cyclical approach to solving problems. We will of course post updates on the build as soon as possible.



Maria’s Garden Spring/Summer 2021

Since the sad passing of former Prep School Headmistress Maria Maslin in August 2020, the whole school community has come together to raise funds in her memory.

Maria loved her garden and the natural world so it is fitting that, in liaison with her family, we are creating a well-being and peaceful garden space at the Prep School, with a memorial stone in remembrance of her and a permanent display of special pebbles, beautifully decorated by the children.

An area has already been identified for Maria’s Garden within our Prep school grounds, which the pupils, staff and parents will be able to use all year round for gentle reflection, peaceful thoughts and the opportunity to spend time within a natural and beautiful space.  

Further fundraising events and fun activities will be taking place next term, and we will keep everyone updated on our progress with Maria’s Garden as it starts to take shape.