Battle Abbey has a highly successful and exciting Biology Department. We are fortunate to have 3 Biology specialists who offer Combined and Triple Science as well as the A Level. As a department we have strived for and achieved the highest grades and Biology A Level is a very popular course.

As a department we pride ourselves on our bespoke lessons tailored to students’ strengths, teaching not only the basic knowledge but the application of that knowledge into different biological contexts. We also go the ‘extra mile’ to offer ‘stretch and challenge’ support as well as support for struggling students. Both the GCSE and A Level courses cover a broad range of Biological topics, starting with the basic cell and looking at different aspects of plant and human biology. This gives a broader base for further study in Physiology, Botany, Zoology and many other disciplines. We also include trips, for example, to the Science lectures in London and the zoo to support the curriculum. Our GCSE and A Level courses have a large required practical element which is reinforced with further practical work to encourage hands on application of the taught concepts. This includes everything from examining flowers to dissecting hearts and fish gills.

The aim of the department is to produce Biologists with the skills, knowledge and confidence for university and careers. We regularly have students following medical pathways as well as many Biologists attending Oxbridge and Russell group Universities.