Chemistry is the science of matter, the invisible yet tangible, atoms that exist all around but that are often difficult to pinpoint and even harder to explain. At Battle Abbey School we teach Chemistry as a separate subject from Year 7, which allows the students to delve into its complexity immediately, experimenting with elements and compounds and immersing themselves in this fundamental science 

The department is headed by a Chemistry expert in Miss Chohan Carpenter, and students will experience specialist teaching throughout GCSE and A Level. If they show an aptitude early on at GCSE they will be considered as candidates for separate sciences, and from then on will be primed for higher honours. The quality in the teaching provision is reflected in the uptake at A Level, where Chemistry is consistently in the top three most popular subjects. From here students progress to Medicine, Veterinary, Engineering, and Natural Science courses at top class universities, and they do so in the confidence that their Chemistry education has been rich and fulfilling.