Dining Hall

Occupying one of the oldest parts of the site the impressive arched ceiling of the Dining Hall encloses a space that is at once grand and majestic but also intimate. The space was once a drawing room and still retains many of those features today. Located in a room off both the Beggar’s and Abbot’s Hall the room is regularly used as a bar for events taking place in the Abbot’s Hall, but has also been used for self-contained corporate events and dinners. Over the years, it has also hosted a casino, crèche, cinema, and craft fair. Other events not starting with a ‘C’ also considered!

Please get in touch with Debbie to discuss your plans on grantd@battleabbeyschool.com or 01424 772385.


Pricing: Dining Hall
Daily Hire Fee (9am – 5pm) (one hour free) £210
Hourly Rate £30
9am – Midday Hire Fee £90
1pm – 5pm Hire Fee £120