Duke’s Library

The Library or Duke’s Library to give it its more formal title, occupies a location just off the Abbot’s Hall with access via two fire doors to the Top Terrace overlooking the battlefield. The Library has been used for formal dinners, public speaking engagements, historical lectures, team building exercises, conferences and even as a film location! The room has wifi and is fully flexible in terms of its layout. The room also has a piano in situ, and full electric wiring to support live music performances. The room runs lengthwise North to South with windows to the South and West that flood the room with light in the summer months. All windows have large curtains, and when drawn in winter they make the space feel suitably intimate, and homely.

Please get in touch with Debbie to discuss your plans on grantd@battleabbeyschool.com or 01424 772385.


Pricing: Library
Daily Hire Fee (9am – 5pm) (one hour free) £315
Hourly Rate £45
9am – Midday Hire Fee £135
1pm – 5pm Hire Fee £180