At Battle Abbey School students are taught Science as separate specialist subjects from Year 7. IPhysics, students are encouraged to question and investigate the world around them. They develop a knowledge of the Laws of Physics and learn to apply their understanding to solve problems in topics ranging from Energy to Nuclear Physics.  

In Year 7 and 8 students follow a bespoke program that enables discussion and experimentation of topics within and beyond the National Curriculum framework. This means that they are well prepared to begin GCSE in Year 9, following a threeyear course A Level Physics, a popular choice for many, introduces students to the fields of Particle Physics and Medical Imaging as well as the more traditional topics such as Waves, Nuclear Physics and Simple Harmonic Motion. 

Examination results at both GCSE and A Level are consistently above the national averages, but a greater sense of the success of the Physics department is the enjoyment students get from being able to take an active role in their learning throughout the school. Students leaving Battle Abbey have gone on to study Physics and related coursessuch as Engineering & Architectureat some of the most renowned universities in the country.