The Psychology Department focusses on the exploration and the study of behaviour from social and scientific perspectives, using a variety of approaches to understand how and why people behave as they do. We use analysis and interpretation of data, supported by applying statistical methods, to study topics as varied as the influence of others on the individual and the importance of neuropsychological functioning.
Students research, experiment and debate their Psychology topics using their developed techniques in tolerance and non-judgement. These skills not only allow them to be critical thinkers with regard to their academic subjects, but help them in their life and careers beyond the Abbey walls.
Every year several students decide to go on to study Psychology at University and all Psychology pupils use their knowledge of Psychology to assist them in their degree and eventual careers.
Every student works hard to reach their potential, with Psychology pupils achieving some of the highest grades in the School.
In recent years Psychology pupils have gone on to study Forensic Science, Medicine, Criminology, Law, Economics, Architecture and Veterinary Science. The range of these subjects demonstrates the versatility of psychology as a subject.