Religious Studies

Religious Studies at Battle Abbey School is incredibly unique. To study the subject in a building of such religious significance is truly inspiring and we have developed a curriculum to match.

R.S. allows students to learn about religious beliefs in order that they can critically evaluate and reflect on the views of others, allowing students to formulate their own beliefs and ideas. Students engage with a range of ethical issues that face us as a society and indeed on a global scale, including issues surrounding family life, matters of life and death and capital punishment to name a few. Through the use of Philosophical enquiry and Socratic questioning, students are able to examine the big questions that civilisations have grappled with for millennia, including the nature of reality and the concept of truth, whilst also developing critical skills, lending themselves to a range of careers or university courses. Students often find their writing and essay technique is strengthened as a result of writing philosophically. We also place great emphasis on speaking and listening skills, allowing students to hone their presentation skills.

Students learn how to debate, evaluate and critically analyse arguments through Religious Studies, skills that both employers and universities more than value, with Oxbridge considering this a prized subject.

Past students have gone on to study a range of subjects, including Liberal Arts at Cambridge, Art History, Philosophy and Music and also Criminology, reflecting just how versatile the subject is. Students will often choose this as an option subject if they are looking to pursue a degree in Physics, maths, medicine, law or business as it is a subject that lends itself to a range of disciplines.